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Our History

The British and Irish Region of the International Biometric Society was founded in 1948 by eminent statisticians and biologists of the time, including R. A. Fisher and J. B. S. Haldane. The British and Irish region (formed in 2006) covers the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and also The Republic of Ireland. The general objective of the society is to promote and extend the use of mathematical and statistical methods in pure and applied biological sciences. The Region is member of the IBS Channel Network whose primary goals are to establish stronger links between Regions, arrange scientific meetings, and support the wide range of quantitative and scientific areas in which our members are interested.


Ruth King President
Daniel Farewell Vice President
Lisa McFetridge Treasurer
Dr. Rachel McCrea  Secretary
Rhian Daniel Membership Secretary
Kirsty Hassall Web Consultant
Mark Brewer Committee Member
Anestis Touloumis Committee Member
Kirsty Hassall Committee Member
Ruth Keogh Committee Member
Andy Lynch Committee Member
Rafael De Andrade Moral Committee Member
Angela Wood Committee Member
Daniel Farewell Representative Council
Nicole Augustin Committee Member and Representative Council
Michael Sweeting Committee Member and Representative Council

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