Traveling to Seoul

Traveling to Seoul


COEX (Convention & Exhibition Center) -
The COEX, Convention and Exhibition Center is a large-scale business town established on September 7, 1988, primarily for domestic and overseas business men and women. Business operations can be managed easily as assembly halls, exhibition halls, the Korean City Air Terminal, the Intercontinental Hotel, and Hyundai Department Store are assembled in one spot.

A 57-story assembly hall contains 20 trade organizations including the Korea International Trade Association (KITA), as well as 250 companies and financial institutions. Convention and Exhibition, which houses three specialized exhibition halls and permanent exhibition halls, is composed of a four-story main building and three-story extension.

It is located at a convenient spot as Samseong Station (Seoul Subway Line 2) is directly connected to the basement. Gimpo Airport is only 40 minutes away and Incheon International Airport is about an hour and 30 minutes away. In addition, a prayer room for Muslims is available.

513, Yeongdong-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
서울특별시 강남구 영동대로 513 (삼성동)


From Incheon International Airport to downtown Seoul

Seoul is easily accessible from Incheon International Airport by public transport and is well connected to the Seoul metropolitan Subway system by the Airport Express Line, also known as the A’REX. The total length of the airport railroad is 58 km and traveling from one end to the other takes less than one hour.

The first trains on the line start at 5:20 AM (at Seoul Station and Incheon Airport Station) and the last train departs Incheon Airport station at 23:57 PM and midnight from Seoul station. The A’REX is part of the Seoul Metropolitan Subway system and standard transport cards can be used when travelling on all stop trains.

Airport Express & Subway – A’REX:

  • A non-stop service that runs between Incheon International Airport and Seoul Station
  • Tickets cost 8,000 won for an adult and 6,900 won for a child
  • 1-3 express trains run per hour, taking 43 minutes in either direction
  • Express trains include extra service/features such as a porter, comfortable seating and storage for luggage, use of customer lounge and shuttles to affiliate hotels

Airport Bus:

  • From Incheon International Airport: 1st floor exits 3B to 6B & 10A to 13A
  • From Gimpo International Airport: Platform 6 by exit 2

Transportation Cards

  • T-Money: this rechargeable transportation card can be used to pay fares for buses, subways and taxis in most parts of Korea. It offers discounted rates and free transfers (subway > bus; within 30 minutes) To purchase or recharge your card visit any subway station or convenience store.
  • Korea Tour Card: this rechargeable transportation and travel card is exclusively for overseas visitors. It has all T-Money card functions, and offers a variety of travel benefits such as discounted rates on select attractions, discounts at duty-free shops and department stores, etc.
    • To purchase: Seven-eleven convenience stores in major tourist areas (Seoul and Jeju Island only), Airport Railroad Travel Center (Incheon Int’l Airport, Seoul Station), and all international flights with Jeju Airlines (in-cabin sales). You can recharge your card at all T-money sales/recharging locations.


  • From Incheon International Airport: 1st floor exits 5C to 8C & 4D to 6D
  • From Gimpo International Airport: Platform 1 across exits 1&2