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Tours and excursions - Wednesday 13 July

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Walking Tour of Riga Old Town

Discover the Old Town of Riga with narrow cobble stone streets, old buildings dating back to the 15th century, squares, churches and inner yards, Dome Square and Cathedral, Riga Castle, Town Hall and the House of Blackheads, Swedish Gates, Jacob's Barracks, Liivs' Square, and more.

During the walk, you will visit a small yard / historical building in the Old Town where a surprise will await - an alchemist show, with a historically dressed monk, who will introduce you to the legend of the famous Riga Black Balsam.

Includes: 3 hour guided walking tour, visit to the Pharmacy Museum, Riga Black Balsam tasting, traditional tea and chocolate.

Boat Tour & Central Market

Boat Tour: It's a nice way to look at Riga from a totally different point, from the Riga Canal that leads through the city center and along the Latvian National Opera House, to the Central Market of Riga.

The Riga Central Market is one of the most unique markets in Europe. It is one of the biggest of its type located in the very heart of the city. The market is all interesting due to its buildings. A part of the market is located under the roofs of 5 big sheds, which used to be shelters for the zeppelins of the German army during World War I. During the visit, you will see, smell, and even have the opportunity to taste local foods, such as home-made cumin cheese (traditional cheese from the Midsummer Festival), rye bread, hemp butter, smoked fosh, and of course - the best local beer.

Includes: 1 hour guided boat tour, guided visit to the Central Market, private area for tasting of local goods (honey, bread, cheese, meat, fish, vegetables, and local drink).

Note: The Boat Tour and the Market Tour can be booked separately.

Tour and Beer Tasting at Aldaris Beer Museum

Aldaris Beer Museum is the most up to date museum of beer in the Baltics, and the very first one in Latvia. The museum allows its guests to discover the diversity and charm of beers brewed in Latvia and elsewhere, the secrets of brewing, and to try their own hand at brewing. The interior of the museum accentuates its history and boasts an authentic brewing hall, untouched since 1938.

A beer-tasting of exquisite beer varieties will be led by a beer sommelier, and will allow you to become acquainted with a diversity of beers, and snacks paired with each variety. Prior to the tasting, the beer sommelier will introduce you to the secrets of beer production, the Latvian varieties of beer, the history of beer, and also to modern beer brewing in a craft brewery.

Includes: bus transfer to museum (20 minutes from Riga City Centre), entrance, guide, and beer tasting with snacks (4 types of beer).

Bike Tour in Jurmala Town

Jurmala is located just 25km from Riga. It is a summer resort town formed from numerous fishing villages, and is famous for its charming wooden cottages dating back to the late-19th and early-20th centuries. Jurmala also features pine forests, the calm River Lielupe, vigorous air, and kilometers-long golden sand beaches. 

More and more often, the visitors of Jurmala choose to explore the area by bicycle. Most of the city is equipped with special bikeways that allow you to engage in outdoor activities, breath fresh air, see the historical center of the city, enjoy the beautiful wooden architecture, and the landscapes of the seaside nature and the beach. The tour leads through the center of Jurmala, along wooden summer cottages and beautifully renovated houses. Enjoy the tour through town and along the beach as well.

Included: bus transfer to Jurmala, bike rental, and guided tour.

Tour of Sigulda and Ligatne

Sigulda City: Situated 40 minutes from Riga, Sigulda is on a picturesque stretch of the primeval Gauja River valley. Because of the reddish Devonian sandstone, which forms steep rocks and caves on both banks of the river, Sigulda has been dubbed the "Switzerland of Latvia". During the trip, you will visit the main highlights of the city, enjoy spectacular views of the hilly terrain, and visit the largest cave (Gutmanala) in the Baltics.

Turaida Castle: Situated only a few kilometres from Sigulda City, the most-visited museum in Latvia offers exhibits on archaeology, culture, art, and events dating back as far as the 11th century. The collections of the museum keep alive many stories, about the medieval castle and church, the Livs of the River Gauja, the ancient centre of the manor, and Dainu Kalns (Folksong Hill).

Includes: bus transfers, guided tour of Sigulda, entrance to Turaida Castle

Optional Add-On Activity: Olympic Bobsleigh
Did you know that Latvia has one of the strongest Olympics teams in bobsleigh, skeleton, and sledge? There are not many places in Europe where one can try bobsleigh on a real track. You can choose between vuchko, not as fast and made for visitors, or a real bobsleigh ride, which can reach up to 140 km/h. Includes 1 ride.

Three Castles Tour

Cēsis City: Since log ago, Cēsis has been known as the town rich with cultural and historic heritage, art treasures, and excellent cultural traditions. The values on which the district of Cēsis base its future on are culture, education, tourism, and creative entrepreneurship. Cēsis was founded in 1206 and is the third oldest town in Latvia. The cultural environment is influenced by their history and features the Cēsis Medieval Castle, and the Old Town of Cēsis, with its original streets, masonry, and ancient manors and wooden villas built on the banks of the River Gauja. Cēsis is a member of the Hanseatic League, and is known as a center of art, culture, and recreation on a national level.

Araisi Lake Fortress: The Araisi Archaeological Park consists of reconstructed dwellings from the 9th and 10th centuries, the ruins of a medieval castle, and exhibits on dwellings from the Stone Age and Bronze Age on the so-called Daughters' Island. The park offers insight into the daily life of the local people, such as what they ate and what they wore, and shows why the Lake Fortress sank, and how it was revived. Tours provided by the park offer a look into every day life and celebrations of people from many centuries ago.

Turaida Castle: Situated only a few kilometres from Sigulda City, the most-visited museum in Latvia offers exhibits on archaeology, culture, art, and events dating back as far as the 11th century. The collections of the museum keep alive many stories, about the medieval castle and church, the Livs of the River Gauja, the ancient centre of the manor, and Dainu Kalns (Folksong Hill).

Includes: bus transfers, entrance to the Cēsis Castle Museum, entrance to the Araisi Lake Fortress, and entrance to Turaida Castle.

Tour of Rundale Palace and Bauska

Rundale Palace: The Rundale Palace is set amidst the fertile Zemgale Plains in the south of Latvia. Most of the interior decorations were created between 1765 and 1768, when a sculptor from Berlin, Johann Michael Graff, and Italian painters Fancesco Martini and Carlo Zucchi worked at the palace. The representation rooms in the eastern wing of the Palace - the Gilt Hall, the White Hall, and the Great Gallery - are open to the public. The central block accommodates the Duke's suite, with reception parlors and private rooms, and the western block features a fully restored suite of the Duchess' rooms. The regular French-style park, with its rose graden, Green Theatre, ornamental parterres, and fountain are open to the public. During the summer, the park becomes the venue for the Garden Festival.

Bauska Town: Bauska is a small and charming town in southern Latvia, just 1 hour from Riga, and 20km from the border with Lithuania. The city has an excellent natural setting - it's located on the shores of two rivers, and part of the city is on the valley, and part on the hill. Bauska has a large historical district and a beautiful park around Bauska Castle and Hillfort, where both rivers flow into each other, making a third. 

Includes: bus transfers, entrance to Rundale Palace, Palace Garden, and tour of Bauska City and castle ruins.

Garezeri Lakes Hike

Garezeri Lakes are located by the sea - long, narrow, and surrounded by pine forests. Paths go through the beautiful forests along the lake, until they reach the scenic river mouth, and follow back along the seaside.

Difficulty: Easy
Duration: 10km | around 5 hours
Location: Lilaste (45 minutes from Riga)

Includes: bus transfer, guide, lunch

Crossing the Swamp Hike

Hiking over the swamp, away from wooden pathways, without special swamp shoes? It's possible, if you know how to read the swamp's landscape and where to step. The swamp surprises with its beautiful nature, lakes, and wide landscape. This going to be an adventure in a safe environment.

Difficulty: Average
Duration: 4-8km, 4-5 hours (loop or one-way)
Location: Cenas Tīrelis Swamp (35 minutes from Riga)

Includes: bus transfer, guide, lunch