IBS Presidential Election Results

By Kristina Wolford posted 05-29-2020 10:10


Dear IBS Members,

Thank you for your outstanding participation in the recent Society-wide election for IBS President-Elect. More than 1,000 ballots were cast and the results are in!

We are pleased to announce that José Pinheiro, Global Head of Statistical Modeling & Methodology at Janssen Pharmaceuticals, has been selected by the membership to serve the Society as President-Elect from 1 January 2021 through 31 December 2021.

José will automatically ascend to the office of President for two years, followed by a term of one year as Outgoing President.

Please join us in congratulating the new IBS President-Elect! If you have ideas or wish to contribute to IBS as a volunteer, please contact our office and let us know.


Global Head of Statistical Modeling & Methodology, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, having worked for 20+ years in pharmaceutical industry. Ph.D. in Statistics from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, U.S.A. and M.S. in Statistics from IMPA, Brazil. Active research and contributions in the areas of mixed-effects models (co-developer of nlme R package), dose finding methods (co-developer of MCP-Mod methodology and DoseFinding R package), and adaptive designs. Over 55 peer-reviewed papers and 12 book chapters published, and co-author of influential book Mixed-Effects Models in S and S-PLUS. ASA Fellow, past-editor of ASA journal Statistics in Biopharmaceutical Research and past-chair of ASA Statistical Computing Section.

IBS and ENAR Contributions:

Actively served in East North American Region (ENAR) of IBS, starting as program co-chair for the 2006 ENAR spring meeting, moving to Regional Advisory Board representative (2006) and elected positions as Treasurer (2007-2008), Regional Committee representative (2009-2011), Secretary (2012-2013), President-elect (2014), President (2015) and Past-President (2016). At IBS level, served as elected member of the IBS Council (2010-2012) and the IBS Executive Board (2013-2020), participating as representative in the Editorial Advisory Committee and Conference Advisory Committee. Presented short courses at IBS regional meetings, including ENAR, Austro-Swiss, Brazilian, and Chilean regions.  Served as Associate Editor, Biometrical Journal (German Region) from 2004-2013.

Vision for IBS:

IBS’ global footprint provides unique opportunities for cross-regional collaboration toward advancing knowledge and practice of biometry around the world. I believe those cross-regional activities should be strengthened, especially toward enabling better understanding and application of quantitative methods in biosciences in developing countries. Despite IBS having diverse membership representation from academia, government and industry, over the years the academic element became more prevalent in its governance and focus. If elected, I would like to leverage my experience and network in industry to promote greater balance across different membership constituencies, exploring sponsorship and partnership opportunities with global companies to advance IBS’ mission.