International Biometric Conferences

International Biometric Conferences

International Biometric Conferences have been sponsored by the International Biometric Society (IBS) since 1947 and represent one of the major activities of the IBS. The Society organizes a major international conference every two years.

2024 International Biometric Conference


XXXII International Biometric Conference (IBC2024)
8-13 December, 2024
Atlanta Marriott Marquis
Atlanta, Georgia, United States 

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Important Dates & Deadline: 

  • Invited Session Proposals 
    • Submission Period Closed
  • Short Course Proposals
    • Submission Period Closed

Behavior at IBCs and Other IBS Events:
Professional conduct is expected of attendees at all IBS events. View the Statement on Professional Conduct here

Future International Biometric Conferences:

2026 IBC
Northern Hemisphere Summer, 2026 (exact dates to be confirmed)
XXXIII International Biometric Conference (IBC 2026)
Seoul, South Korea

2028 IBC
Conference city to be announced at the 2024 IBC in Atlanta, USA


Opening Session of IBC2022 in Riga, Latvia

Past Events

Citing Abstracts

Manual & Annexes

The IBC Conference Manual and associated annexes are provided for reference for Region and IBS volunteers involved in the management of certain aspects of the International Biometric Conference.