Past Leadership

IBS Past Presidents

We wish to honor the Past Presidents , Treasurers, and Secretaries of the Society, many of whom still assist in maintaining the history of the organization and advising on best practices to help improve the Society, its operations and its governance. The Past Presidents provide the long-term perspective that any well-run organization needs.

Past IBS Presidents

Years Name Region/Group
1947-49 R.A. Fisher British Region
1950-51 A. Linder At Large
1952-53 G. Darmois French Region
1954-55 W.G. Cochran Eastern North American Region
1956-57 E. A. Cornish Australasian Region
1958-59 C. H. Goulden Eastern North American Region
1960-61 L. Martin Belgian Region
1962-63 Chester I. Bliss Eastern North American Region
1964-65 David J. Finney British Region
1966-67 L. L. Cavalli-Sforza Italian Region
1968-69 Gertrude M. Cox Eastern North American Region
1970-71 Berthold Schneider German Region
1972-73 Peter Armitage British Region
1974-75 C. R. Rao Eastern North American Region
1976-77 Henry L. Le Roy Austro-Swiss Region
1978-79 J. A. Nelder British Region
1980-81 Richard M. Cormack British Region
1982-83 Herbert A. David Eastern North American Region
1984-85 Pierre A. Dagnelie Belgian Region
1986-87 Geoffrey H. Freeman British Region
1988-89 Jonas H. Ellenberg Eastern North American Region
1990-91 Richard Tomassone French Region
1992-93 Niels Keiding Nordic Region
1994-95 Lynne Billard Eastern North American Region
1996-97 Byron J. T. Morgan British Region
1998-99 Susan Wilson Australasian Region
2000-01 Nanny Wermuth German Region
2002-03 Norman E. Breslow Western North American Region
2004-05 Geert Molenberghs Belgian Region
2006-07 Thomas A. Louis Eastern North American Region
2008-09 Andrew Mead British & Irish Region
2010-11 Kaye Basford Australasian Region
2012-13 Clarice G. B. Demétrio Brazilian Region
2014-15 John Hinde British & Irish Region
2016-17 Elizabeth Thompson Western North American Region
2018-19 Louise M. Ryan Australasian Region
2020-21 Geert Verbeke Belgian Region
2022-23 José C. Pinheiro Eastern North American Region

IBS Past Treasurers

We wish to recognize and thank the past Treasurers of the Society, some of whom still assist in maintaining the history of the organization. The Treasurer is the primary volunteer elected officer charged with overseeing the management and reporting of the Society’s finances.

Past IBS Treasurers

Years Name Region/Group
1947-1950 John William Hopkins Eastern North American Region
1951-1956 Chester Ittner Bliss Eastern North American Region
1957-1960 Allyn Winthrop Kimball Eastern North American Region
1960-1963 Marvin Aaron Kastenbaum Eastern North American Region
1963-1970 Henry Tucker Western North American Region
1971-1978 Larry A Nelson Eastern North American Region
1979-1986 Jonas Harold Ellenberg Eastern North American Region
1987-1990 Janet Turk Wittes Eastern North American Region
1991-1997 Stephen L George Eastern North American Region
1998-2006 Jeffrey Thomas Wood Australasian Region
2007-2013 Linda Jean Young Eastern North American Region
2014-2016 James Carpenter British and Irish Region
2017-2019 Bradley (Brad) John Biggerstaff  Western North American Region
2019-2023 Vicente Núñez-Antón  Spanish Region

IBS Past Secretaries

We also wish to thank the past Secretaries of the Society for their efforts. The current responsibilities of this position are to serve as an Officer of the Society, to provide an active conduit for communication between the Executive Board, IBO management and the members, and to help establish and preserve a record of past, current and future activities.

Past IBS Secretaries

Years Name Region/Group
1947-1955 Chester Ittner Bliss Eastern North American Region
1956-1962 Michael John Romer Healy BR
1963-1968 Henri Louis Le Roy  Austro-Swiss Region
1969-1975 Hanspeter Thöni  Austro-Swiss Region
1976-1979 James S Williams Western North American Region
1979-1984 Lyle David Calvin Western North American Region
1985-1992 Roger Mead  BR
1993-2000 Elisabeth Baráth HR
2001-2003 Geert Molenberghs Belgian Region
2003-2005 Ori Davidov Eastern Mediterranean Region
2006 Ashwini Mathur Indian Region
2007-2013 Linda Jean Young BNAR
2014-2016 James Carpenter  British and Irish Region
2017-2019 Bradley (Brad) John Biggerstaff  Western North American Region
2019 2021 Vicente Núñez-Antón Spanish Region
2022-2023 Henry Mwambi South African Region
Members of the Executive Board, July 2022
Members of the Executive Board, July 2022