Manual & Annexes

Manual & Annexes

This manual gives an overview of what is involved in organising a successful IBC, and sets out the key financial requirements. It is not an exhaustive nor prescriptive manual; detailed development of IBC is a collaborative process involving a range of groups from the society. Detailed arrangements will inevitably vary from conference to conference.

Conference Manual

Conference Annexes

Consult the Conference Annexes for detailed descriptions of specific areas of conference organization and timelines.

Annex A (PDF) - a basic timeline for the IBC
Annex B (docx) - typical programme outline
Annex C (xlsx) - outline budget spreadsheet
Annex D (docx) - relevant financial policies
Annex E (docx) - details the awards and prizes typically presented at the IBC.
Annex F (PDF) - past conference venues and registration numbers

List of MCI Conference Management Local Offices

World map of MCI Offices as of March, 2018. Each is identified using a red map marker. MCI Offices as of March, 2018