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Opportunity for pre-college students 13 and up! October 23 is the 4th Annual Florence Nightingale Day for Statistics and Data Science.

By Catherine Wilson posted 10-13-2021 09:52

A celebration of women in statistics and data science! Join us for the Florence Nightingale Day to discover the opportunities for careers in statistics and data science, to do fun data activities, and to develop connections. This event is free to students.

All middle and high school students (at least 13 years old and before college/university) are welcome! This event is open to all students in the US and internationally. Women and underrepresented groups are particularly encouraged to participate.

This event is being hosted by multiple sites: The Ohio State University, the University of Texas at Dallas and various Canadian sites. We encourage participation from around the world, all are welcome. Registration is required for each of the participating events. Visit the event website to learn more >>