Nominations for IBS Secretary - Last Chance!

By Kristina Wolford posted 05-13-2021 09:35


The Society is currently searching for a new Society Secretary, with a term to start on 1 January 2022.  Until now, the Society has not had this position but rather there has been a combined Secretary/Treasurer. You may recall that the membership approved a change in 2020 to create a separate standalone position. In addition to things such as overseeing revisions to the Society by-laws and other official documents, ensuring minutes are correct, etc., there will be an exciting opportunity to engage with regional officers and the members more broadly.  

Since all of the current officers are from Europe or North America, our committee is eager to identify candidates from other regions. Diversity is very important for a society like IBS so we are making a great effort to identify potential candidates from regions that have not been previously represented at the international level. You can nominate someone else whom you think would be good in the role, or you can nominate yourself. Ideally, nominees should be relatively senior and well respected in the field. They should have experience with serving IBS either at the Regional or International level. This could be as a Regional Officer, a committee member, representative council member or executive board member. 

This is an exciting role and the person who steps in first will have a great opportunity to shape it. Of course the International Biometric Office (IBO) will continue to do much of the detailed work so that the role of the IBS Secretary will be well supported, allowing the individual to focus on the big issues. 

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However, if you are not comfortable using google form or you would like further information, feel free to email Immediate Past President and Chair of the Nominating Committee, Louise Ryan at
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