2020 Presidential Election Opens

By Peter Doherty posted 04-17-2020 16:34


Update as of 24 April, 2020: Those eligible members who have not received a ballot or who have otherwise not been able to vote for some reason should contact Executive Director Peter Doherty at the International Biometric Office. 

Eligible voting member of the Society in good standing will have received a notice today that they are eligible to vote for the next President-Elect of the Society. This election closes on Friday, 15 May 2020.

The President-Elect is elected by the membership and automatically ascends to the office of President after one year, serving a two-year term and then one additional year as Outgoing President. The responsibilities of the President-Elect / President / Outgoing President are listed below (from the current edition of the IBS Policies and Procedures Manual).


·      During the initial President-Elect year, is responsible to ensure those committee appointments as designated in the bylaws are made in a timely fashion so committee members may assume office at the same time as the President-Elect becomes President.

·      During the initial year, assumes the role of Organizing President for the biennial IBC (International Biometric Conference) to be held during the year serving as Outgoing President; responsible for timely appointments in relation to this conference.


·      Serves as presiding officer of IBS and as the official representative of the Society.

·      Chairs the Executive Board.

·      Responsible for initiating the determination of future officers and Executive Board Directors in odd-numbered years.

·      Responsible for initiating the selection of a location for the IBC four years ahead of first year of presidency.

·      Responsible for appointments to committees that are formed during the term of office or when resignations occur.

·      If such occasion arises, may appoint people as needed to serve the society in an ad hoc capacity or to represent the Society in an official capacity.

·      Has the power to resolve any problem arising from a tie in the number of votes for honorary life members.

Outgoing President:

·      Charged with reviewing and updating the Policies and Procedures of IBS.

·      Reviews the contract and statement of work between IBS and the management company that provides services to IBS.

·      Serves as the organizing president of the IBC held during that year.

The candidate who receives the majority of votes will be declared the winner. We thank our candidates for their support and willingness to take part in this process. 

The election portal is a secure site, and your personal vote will be kept confidential. Members receive a personalized link to the site, which is a random link that not even International Biometric Office personnel have access to.