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Call for Expression of Interest to Host IBC 2028 - Deadline is 30 September

By Peter Doherty posted 04-10-2023 14:42


Dear Executive Board, Representative Council members, Region leaders and administrators:


It is time for the International Biometric Society’s Conference Advisory Committee (CAC) to solicit proposals for Regions to host an International Biometric Conference (IBC). This time, we are soliciting bids for IBC2028.

The Conference Advisory Committee (CAC) is charged with identifying potential locations for future IBCs and encouraging the development of proposals, while taking into account recent conference venues to ensure geographical variation. The selection is to be made no more than four years prior to the event. Thus, we are now soliciting proposals, with a due date of 30 September 2023, for evaluation by the CAC through the spring of 2024 and final discussion and decision during IBC2024 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


The benefits to hosting an IBC are many. For instance, a successful conference can lead to increased Region membership and recognition of your local Region’s programs, enhanced collaboration between your members and those from other Regions, IBC programming that highlights your Region’s most accomplished presenters, the potential for profit sharing (based on the guidelines preset by the Conference Advisory Committee), and further visibility within your local community. Your members will be involved at every stage of planning, leading the effort to bring local flavor and color to the IBC, while also having the support from our IBS Officers, the International Business Office and conference management, who will be able to address most operational matters.


The first step is to submit an Expression of Interest. In order to encourage more submissions from our Regions, the IBS leadership has taken steps to simplify the Region’s proposal submission process. The Expression of Interest (or EOI) requires far less information than previous IBC proposals.

If it is agreed that a Region should move to the next step in the process, a more formal proposal will be requested by the IBS Conference Advisory Committee. Further information may be found by consulting the IBC Manual (just recently updated), plus its associated annexes. International Business Office staff will be happy to assist you with any questions that you may have. 

Please note:  

·       All IBS Regions in good standing are eligible and encouraged to apply to host future IBCs.

·       Only IBS Region leadership (and not vendors, hotels, or convention and visitors’ bureaus) may submit Expressions of Interest.

·       Based on our typical rotation, IBC2028 is likely to be held in Europe. However, the bidding process is open to all Regions. We welcome bids from other parts of the world, and in particular those Regions with significant local interest in hosting. At the end of the selection process, it is often the Region with the best overall proposal that wins, regardless of their geographical location. Ultimately, the prospect of a successful IBC is what is most important.

·       The International Business Office (or IBO) is involved in a significant amount of pre-work for each conference, and can assist in such areas as registration, website development, abstract management, promotion, contract negotiations and onsite staffing. And a significant amount of IBS funding is used to pay for all vendors, venue rental, audio/visual equipment, transportation and destination management services. At the same time, each host Region plays a crucial role in supplying a Local Organizing Committee (or LOC), key partnerships with local tourism organizations and potential sponsors, and other volunteers who have connections to the local community. The IBC can only be successful if it is produced by way of a truly international partnership.

Contact Peter Doherty, Executive Director, with any questions. Thanks for considering this opportunity!

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