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Our History

The Adolphe Quetelet society was founded on December 3, 1952, as the result of personal contacts of Léopold Martin with Chester Bliss, Secretary of the Biometric Society, Gertrude Cox, first Editor of the Journal Biometrics, and David Finney. In 1988, a group of members of the Adolphe Quetelet Society organised in Namur the 14th International Biometric Conference (IBC'88). The Region is member of the IBS Channel Network whose primary goals are to establish stronger links between Regions, arrange scientific meetings, and support the wide range of quantitative and scientific areas in which our members are interested.


Contact Us

Please email the Belgium Region for information on how to join, renew or general membership inquires about the Belgium Region (RBE) of IBS. Alternatively, please send an email here