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Sir R.A. Fisher founded the Biometric Society in 1947 with five regions/groups, comprising of Britain, France, Australia, United States and India. The Indian Region of the Biometric Society was established with Prof. P.C.Mahalnobis as its President, Dr. C.R. Rao as Secretary and Dr. Mohanlal Ganguly as Treasurer. India became a region in 1949. The regional committee consisted of well known Biometricians, P.V.Sukhathme, V.M.Dandekar, K.Kishan, and K.R.Nair. U.S.Nair, V.G.Panse, B.Ramamurthy, P.B.Patnaik, and V.D.Thanvi.

India lost the Regional status and became National Group after 1951. During subsequent years Drs. V.G.Panse, K.Kishan, A.R.Roy, A.R.Kamat, M.C.Chakravarthy, and Y.S.Sathe worked as National Secretaries till 1977. Prof. G.K.Shukla was the National secretary from 1977 till 1988 and India regained regional status in 1989.

The first Conference of the revived Society was held under the able leadership of Prof.P.V.Sukhatme as President, Prof. G.K.Shukla as Secretary and Dr. H.Sridhara as Treasurer in May 1990 at University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore. Thereafter Biennial conferences were held regularly.

The founder secretary of Indian Region, Dr. C.R.Rao was the President of IBS during 1974-75 and he was honoured with Honorary Life membership of IBS in 1985. Prof. G.K.Shukla served as Editor of Biometric Bulletin. Dr. Ashwini K.Mathur served as Secretary of IBS Members of Indian Region served on the IBS Council and various standing committees.

The Region is a member of the East Asian Network of the IBS. 

There were ten Biennial conferences of our region till now with great success:

  1. The first Biennial conference was held at University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore
  2. The Second Biennial conference was held at Indian Statistical Institute, Calcutta in 1993
  3. The Third Biennial conference was held at MACS Pune in 1995.
  4. The Fourth Biennial Conference was held as the Golden Jubilee celebrations at Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kanpur in 1997.
  5. The Fifth Biennial conference was organized jointly with Indian Society for Medical Statistics (ISMS) at National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences (NIMHANS), Bangalore in 1999
  6. The Sixth Biennial conference was also organized jointly with Indian Society for Medical Statistics (ISMS) at Sanjay Gandhi Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences (SGPGIMS), Lucknow in 2001
  7. The Seventh Biennial conference was held at Banaras Hindu University (BHU), Banaras in 2003
  8. The Eighth Biennial conference was organized jointly by University of Agricultural Sciences (UAS), Bangalore and GSK Pharmaceuticals at UAS in 2005
  9. The Ninth Biennial conference was held at Tuberculosis Research Centre (TRC), an ICMR institute, Chennai in 2007
  10. Second East Asian Regional Biometric Conference and the IX Biennial conference were held at Manipal University, Karnataka.
  11. The XI Biennial conference is going to be held at Pondicherry University.


Dr. P. Venkatesan President
Dr. Binu V.S Treasurer
 Dr. N. Sreekumaran Nair Secretary
Dr. Ajit Sahai Biometric Bulletin Correspondent
Dr. P. Venkatesan IBS Representative Council

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